Hosts - Miss Lora & Scott Harris
Bad neighbors, everybody's got one but now they can get help with communication
expert Miss Lora and Los angeles Builder Scott Harris

Bad Neighbors. They are the people who live next door that drive you crazy! Loud music,
neglected yards, cars parked on the front lawn, cigarette butts in your pool and you don't
and you don't even smoke. The list goes on.

Our host will set the two disgruntled neighbors down, hear them out and identify the problem
to develop a plan to mend what needs to be fixed. Whether it's a fence to be built or simply a sprinkler system that needs adjusting. Miss Lora and Scott will solve the problem.

Bad Neighbors is a one hour, non-scripted reality show that will 
confront neighborhood dysfunctions. Season one will concentrate 
on the Los Angeles area housing from Beverly Hills mansion
to downtown apartments, where people are coexisting in very
familiar environments but bring vastly different cultures to their

For as long as there have been people living next to each other,
there have been conflicts.that result in tense feuding over a 
constant barking dogs, beater cars left on the street or worse,
on the yard, a fence that fell down, trash or screaming kids.
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